Comfy Cow

No I’m not talking about Randy or myself, even though I have to say that we are truly very comfortable staying in our Tina House, here in downtown Charleston in the historic district. What I am talking about today is ice cream. As we were reading some of the literature which the owner of this darling little house has here, we read about Comfy Cow ice cream, which apparently is very well received here in Kentucky. When I read about their popular flavor of Browned Butter Peanut Brittle, I knew that we would be in search of this remarkable new food for us. So after church, which was such a great blessing today, we went in search of Comfy Cow. We found it here at Whole Foods. $7.99 a pint. Their Browned Butter Peanut Brittle flavor has little bits of peanut brittle broken in it with the flavor of browned butter, which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest flavors of the decade. This ice cream beat out 1200 other entries in the 2015 World Diary Expo Championship. They were out of that particular flavor, but we choose the bourbon infused, vanilla cream with pecan pie pieces and dark chocolate shavings. We sat in the parking lot and devoured the entire pint. I looked over at Randy, who prides himself on eating only Blue Bell and he says, “this is so much better than Blue Bell” WHAT? Did I hear him correctly, I could not believe it. If he knew what it costs, he probably would not say that, but that will be our little secret. If you are ever in Kentucky, be sure and either go to a Comfy Cow Ice Cream store, Or buy a pint from Whole Foods in this great state.
Browned Butter Peanut Brittle,..we cannot wait to find you before leaving to head back to Texas. Randy has a spoon hidden in the console of our car, just in case we find it.

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