Chile Rellanos/Tkbakesalot Style

image.jpegRandy and I are hooked!  We have such fun making these so we look for anyone who is wanting to try them! Last week we had some family over who loves Mexican food so had told them we would make them! They brought guacamole and I fried flour tortillas into homemade chips!  The difference is that I make green chile sauce to pour over the Rellanos and then sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top and put them in the oven for a min until the cheese on top is melted!  I just googled “recipe for chile Rellanos” which is easy so am only posting the green chile sauce! There are several recipes that are posted for these do pick one that you like and use this sauce to make them extra flavorful!

1 small can (like a soup size can) chicken broth

1 small can mild green chiles (diced)

1 small can mild green chile sauce

1 stick butter

1/3cup flour

sslt, pepper & garlic powder to your liking

melt butter in large skillet! Sprinkle flour a little at a time over melted butter and whisking continually to avoid lumping. When you have a paste of the flour mixture add the green chilies, green chile sauce and chicken broth (a little at a time as you might not need all the chicken broth) and seasoning! Stir continually until mixture is thickened as gravy consistency! Set aside while you make the Rellanos and the top each Rellano with about 2 tables of the sauce mix! Sprinkle shredded cheddar over the entire pan and place in preheated 425 oven until cheese is melted!

I also use this green chile sauce over my chicken green chile enchiladas!




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