Little Debbie Intervention

OK, I admit, I am now addicted to Little Debbie Snowballs, Peanut Butter Creams, Gingerbread Cookies & last, because I just haven’t had the chance to try any of the others, the Oatmeal Cream Sandwiches Cookies. Honestly, you would think that any lady who always keeps a minimum of 6 lbs of butter in the fridge just in case she wakes up with a goal to bake  chocolate chip cookies before 8 a.m., would have a little higher standards than to pop open a box of cellophane wrapped baked goods that have enough preservatives in them to keep them fresh for 3 months. But no, I am totally addicted to the Peanut Butter Creams and the Gingerbread cookies. Since the gingerbread cookies aren’t available again until next Christmas I am resorting to making my own. Two days ago, I woke up determined to bake some gingerbread cookies to have with my morning Dr Pepper. When I went to the fridge to take out butter to allow it to soften to room temperature, I just stood there in totally disbelief. There was no butter in the house. I ran to the fridge in the garage, thinking that surely I just had not brought in another lb of the butter I had just bough at Costco. After all, could I have really gone through 8 lbs of butter in the last month? But as I opened the garage, my heart sank. It too, was void of any cholesterol laden butter that flows through our veins.

When Randy woke up that same morning and walked through the kitchen, with his hand held out for his morning cup of melted butter (just to be sure he gets his daily quota), I had to tell him that he was just going to have to get dressed and head to the store because our home was in a state of crisis. No butter anywhere to be found. It is now clear to me how coffee drinkers feel when they wake up and discover that there is no coffee in the house. Just to calm our nerves we both went to the pantry and grabbed the first box of Little Debbie cookies we could get our hands on.

Randy just informed me that since we now have butter in the house, I have to go back to cooking dinner as he is finally getting tired of having Snowballs for dinner. So if the dinner I cook tonight turns out half as good as a LD, I will post my recipe for it tomorrow, in between bites of Peanut Butter Creams!

Little Debbie cookies are the best that can be found, our pantry is loaded with them from the ceiling to the ground.

The variety is amazing and the cream filled are so grand, it seems that every few hours, we have one in our hand.

So grab a box and get your coffee brewing, you’ll be addicted before you know what your doing! So start your day with a cream filled delight, but be oh so careful to save some for watching tv at night.

I’m a writer, not a poet!


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