Little Debbie & Little Trudy

2016 is starting off with a bang! We have discovered some very important facts:

  1. We are now the old people that we use to laugh at. This morning while making Randy some toast, my phone binged with a text. I went to respond and Randy ask me who was texting me so early in the morning. I told him that it was Mandy (our daughter-in-law) and she ask me to take her to Costco so she could get a few things. He looked at me kind of funny and I ask him why. He said (and I quote) “why are you taking Mandy to the hospital?” My response was, (and I quote, in a very loud voice) “you old geezer,  I’m not taking her to the hospital, I’m taking her to COSTCO!” We both just died laughing, realizing that we were now the people that we use to laugh about when we would see a cartoon about 2 old people who totally misunderstood the conversation. Hospital-Costco, not really seeing how those two words are even remotely mistaken for the other. His excuse was that he wasn’t able to fall asleep until about 4 a.m. and that he was not deaf, just tired. Yeah, sure….that’s why the TV volume is turned up to 45.
  2. Now to the second new years finding. I am hooked on Little Debbie anything. At 65 years of age, I had never tried any of the  Little Debbie cookies or baked items. I always just thought all those cookies, brownies and little miniature cakes were for folks who never baked or just had them around the house to throw in their kids lunch boxes. Well, during Christmas, Frosty went shopping and brought home a box of Little Debbie Gingerbread cookies. We went through about 5 boxes. Admitting that we even went as far as him dropping me off at a couple of stores for me to run in to see if they had any boxes of them left, we savored the few we had and hid them from the grandkids so they we wouldn’t have to share the few we had left. Are we just the best grandparents or what?
Well, today, we are out running from store to store to buy items for gift bags for a ladies tea on Sunday. We walked down the Little Debbie cookie aisle and Randy begins to tell me how good the oatmeal cream filled cookies are. He reminds me that our friend Gary (to keep your reputation safe, Gary I won’t say your last name as anyone who comes into your courtroom might make fun of you for being in love with Little Debbie Oatmeal Creams) was also talking at dinner the other night about how good those little gems were, so Randy isn’t the only one our age that was in love with Little Debbie. So we put 8 boxes in the basket (we only needed 7 for the gift baskets, but he wanted to be sure we had some for us as it makes watching re-runs on TV not so bad.)  When I told him I had homemade chocolate chip cookies and homemade ginger cookies in the freezer that we could take out, he replied, “oh let’s save those for company and just eat these tonight.” I’m keeping the other 7 boxes in the trunk to keep them safe from us.
So my new found fact is that it’s impossible to stay a little size and eat Little Debbie cookies. Just not possible! How can something that comes in a box with an expiration date of February 2016 wrapped in cellophane be so good?  My cookies taste stale after 3 days. I hope one day to meet Little Debbie and ask her how she does it.
Would people buy them if they were called, BIG FAT Debbie Oatmeal Creams? Maybe that’s why we only see Little Debbie’s face, who knows what the bottom half looks like?

3 thoughts on “Little Debbie & Little Trudy

  1. Trudy – I was unable to copy & paste a pic in the comments field so you need to google “big deborah pic” & you’ll die laughing. It’s so appropriate for this blog post. I’ll look for you at church this Sunday.


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