Happy New Year Stew

Happiest of New Year’s to all! We are in anti-shopping mode for a few days after the last 2 weeks of shopping for gifts, then taking back a few items and then spending some of the gift cards we received. So the thought of going even grocery shopping just has me wanting to do cook anything that is left in the frigid to avoid going grocery shopping. This morning I thought about how long had it been since we really had just plain ole (when you live in the south, you can use that term, “plain ole”) veggie soup. So after going through every drawer in the (oh my gosh, I almost said, “ice box) fridge, I found enough veggies to actually make vegetable soup. No meat, just veggies. To add some extra flavor I added a can of mild green chile sauce and chicken base granules. Lots of garlic to ward off any winter colds and WA-la, you have a great soup. Since I had some fresh black eyed peas which I was going to cook today for good luck, I threw those in also.


1 cup of frozen chopped onion, celery & green bell pepper (I buy those little bags of the creole frozen combination at Kroger for about $1.27)

1 tables olive oil

1 zucchini, diced

1 cup chopped carrots

2 peeled and diced potatoes

2 cups chopped cabbage

1/2 cup fresh black eyed peas

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can of mild green chile sauce

2 tables chicken granules

12 cup frozen Lima beans (I know, I know, you can omit these if you don’t like them, like so many don’)

Sauté the onion, celery-pepper mix in the heated olive oil. Add garlic to your liking and stir until onion is tender. Add all the rest of the ingredients and bake in a 300 preheated oven for about 2-3 hours, or until vegetables are tender.

Serve with corn bread muffins. Ours is in the oven while we are off to the movies. Have a glorious and blessed New Years! image

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