Ya Ya Sisterhood

Last night some of our kids came over for dinner. We invite them to come  quite frequently because they have our 10 month old granddaughter. That, my dear friends, gets them a lot of homemade dinners. For some reason, last night Princess Payton decided that she just wanted me. It was glorious. She even went to me before her dad..I loved it. When Cameron was trying to get her to say, “ya ya” she did so and quite clearly. When I heard her say it, I thought to myself, “why that sounds so much cuter than Honey, which was what I had told them I wanted to be called, when Payton was born.. So I told them that I wanted to change my name from Honey to YaYa. That way, not only does it sound so cute, but she can already say it, which makes it even better. The kids started laughing at me and telling me that I cannot change my name AGAIN! Apparently, they think that just because I have gone from Honey Nonnie, to MiMi (but decided against that since my mom was called MiMi and I thought it might be confusing). The kids told me that it was no more confusing that me changing what I wanted to be called 5 times before Payton turned 1. But I decided that I really do like YaYa and I’m sticking to it. So now the grandkids in Phoenix call me Nana (which I tried to change but they said “NO”),  our 10 yr old grandson, which lives here calls me Nana and our granddaughter In Orlando calls me Honey. I won’t mention what Randy calls me. But back to the story. I figure that as the grandkids get older, I will be able to bribe them by telling them that if they will call me a cuter name than Nana, I will buy them stuff. So as of today, I am Nana Honey YaYa….oh my, that kinda has a ring to it. Maybe I should go with all 3 names….NanaHoneyYaYa!  Will take them awhile to learn to spell it, but by then I will probably have found a new cuter name anyway.

One thought on “Ya Ya Sisterhood

  1. Very cute story! I personally went from Chum to Jeff to Jeffrey to Jeffrey Loomis to Papa to JEFFREY! Not bad over a lifetime of me, my parents and grandparents (who I called Gram+Goo), Dee, grandkids, great grandkids and My Queen, Miss Deezy. It’s been a good life thus far…blessings upon blessings!


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