Old Fashioned Cherry Pie

Some of our kids are coming to dinner tonight so of course, Cameron already texted to see what we were having around 10 this morning. I texted back that we were having the beans & brisket that I posted a few days ago and cherry pie, which is one of his favorites. As the pie process began to get underway, it reminded me that several friends have ask about some of the pies that I make. Figuring that this might be just as good a time as any, here is a couple of secrets that will make your homemade pies extraordinary.

Even if you use the store bought Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts, these simply little tricks will make the crusts taste better and seem a little more less “store bought”.

!. After you have placed your pie filling, whether it be cherry, peach, apple, sprinkle about 3 tables of sugar over the fruit. Then dab cubes of butter (not margarine) over the pie filling before covering with the top crust. Sprinkle a little sugar over the top crust to give it a sugary exterior.

2. If you are making apple or peach pies, substitute light brown sugar over the fruit filling and sprinkle some cinnamon, as per your liking, over the filling. Just sprinkle regular granulated sugar over the top crusts, just like you would cherry or blackberry, etc.

3. If you like a little more homemade flavor, use the boxed Betty Crocker Pie Crust mix. Sells for $2.09 and makes 2 crusts. All you do is add cold water and roll them out. So easy, but so much better than the refrigerated.   2015-04-28 11.19.02

Butter cubes placed over pie filling!

2015-04-28 16.35.38

Finished and ready to enjoy!

Much flakier and so much better tasting.

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