There are many out there who remember the television series 24. We were so hooked on it that we used to have dinner parties with friends  at the beginning  and end of the season  so that the show became quite a huge tradition of watching this great show with close friends so that when we … Continue reading

A Different Type of Christmas Carol

It’s the dream of every (well almost every) grandmother to have a houseful of family over Christmas, and I am no exception. When our kids from Phoenix decided to come here for Christmas week, we were elated. Oh I could just imagine the sights and sounds we would get to have all around us. The … Continue reading

Ya Ya Sisterhood

Last night some of our kids came over for dinner. We invite them to come  quite frequently because they have our 10 month old granddaughter. That, my dear friends, gets them a lot of homemade dinners. For some reason, last night Princess Payton decided that she just wanted me. It was glorious. She even went to me … Continue reading

Nanalicious Lessons

It feels like I have not written in months, when in reality, it has only been 4 days. Before I left to babysit in Phoenix, I had posted some lessons learned from keeping our 10 yr old grandson for 4 days. Also, I had written that upon my return, I would post more lessons learned … Continue reading

Grandkids, Grandparents & Guns

This weekend our 10 year old grandson, Sevy stayed with us for 4 days. Both Randy and I thought about  when our kids were young, how we would take a sack filled with Matchbox cars, or Barbi’s to grandmas house to entertain the little darlings for the weekend. The grandparents felt fortunate if there was a new … Continue reading

Yoga Van

Just coming back from visiting our daughter and family in Phoenix, I am still trying to figure out why I gained weight over the last week. The entire week I was there, Jodi kept trying to inspire me with her new tales of what exercise class was doing for her and how, if I, would … Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day

We are still in Phoenix with kids and grandkids. Wanting to do our part and not be a burden financially to them, Jodi and I sat down to discuss the situation. When she began to tell me what they were treating us to for Valentines, I remarked that I didn’t think that was fair to … Continue reading

This is one of the 3 reasons I’m not posting on the blog for a few days. The other 2 have taken over all the computers and ipads in the house. Things will return to normal on Tuesday!

Grandson’s Imagination Leads to a New Blog

This past weekend, our kids from Phoenix came to visit since they had a holiday on Monday. Jaden, the 11 yr old came with a story he had written for school. That was our dinner entertainment one night, listening to his story, which was absolutely great. The imagination of this young man amazed us all … Continue reading