Streams in the Sequoia

We are blessed to be spending 4 days at a friends house up in the mountains here in California. Right now I am sitting in their sun porch with the sound of waterfalls outside the open windows. What a awesome reminder of God’s beautiful creation. Because we have to come out here to get internet, we have had 3 days thus far of no phone service, which I truly thought would send me into withdrawals. How easy it was to just enjoy the sound of quiet. The sound of water falling over rocks as we sat out and enjoyed snacking on queso, fruit, dishes of candy at every corner of the cabin. We have barbecued rib eyes, had breakfast at 10 before heading out for hikes. Watching Blue Jays fly around the giant sequoia and looking for the small bear that we hear comes around has been exciting. Kathy, Dee and I have spent hours looking through recipe books, played cards and visited over pumpkin sliced coffee.
It is times like this that reminds me of just how blessed Randy and I have been. I remember fearing when moving to CA 4 years ago this month, might be a crazy idea and what were 2 people, in their 60 ‘ s doing moving across the USA to the unknown. We had truly felt a peace about it but when the actual move date came that feeling became fear. Now looking back 4 years later, we know that God had a plan. A plan to show us that if we step out in faith, the blessings that He has for us is so much more than we could ever imagine. We are so thankful for the wonderful memories that were made in these past 4 years and continue to be made with the precious Christian friends who will forever be in our hearts, no matter the distance. We are grateful for so many things that He has showered upon us, and today, a new memory of sitting around the dining table, unhurried, listening to waterfalls and laughter and remembering that God is in His Heaven’s and still in control, no matter how crazy the world seems sometimes. We just need to take the time to remember that. Streams of water have given us a chance to pause an remember the Springs of Living Water that can heal any soul.

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