Land of Enchantment

20141016_131058New Mexico! We are just arriving in one of our favorite places, Albuquerque. Seeing the sun rise over the mountains to the east and then again setting over another set of mountains to the west never gets old. Upon crossing over into NM, we looked at the car in front of us and noticed something in the back windshield of their car; a couple rolls of toilet paper. Randy said, “now there is something we don’t see often in Dallas”. We had beautiful scenery coming in from Arizona but just couldn’t leave there without finding one of those ole mom and pop restaurants that we love so much. And finally there in Holbrook we drove into town where we found just the place; Joe and Aggies. Truly some of the best Mexican food we have had. Randy ordered their green Chile chile which he said was over the top good. I ordered a Cheese Crisp. A deep fried flour tortilla with beans, green Chile sauce and cheddar cheese which was baked on the fried tortilla. Driving around this great country has allowed us to meet ladies who have served us great food, with the biggest smiles and men who manned registers who have shared some of their life stories of going off to college trying to get out of the small towns, only to find themselves back in these small towns after 30 years, running the restaurants that was started by their grandparents in the 40’s. Yes, I love the adventure of meeting people who show us that there are sweet kind folks everywhere. We just need to remember that we need to get off the interstate, leaving Burger King in the rear view mirror to experience what America is about…beauty not only in the scenery but in the hearts of people.

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