California Dreamin’

What a special week this has been to visit our sweet friends here in California. We have eaten our way through LA, played hand & foot, laughed so hard we cried and just enjoyed the simple pleasures of friendship that means so much. We are determined not to get teary eyed as we leave in a few days but to just give thanks for the Lord for allowing us to come visit. It has been pure joy. We have found that people who live here make you feel like you are living in the 50’s. They just call you up, tell you to come over for a meal and then we end up staying for a couple of hours to play cards. If there is no dessert made…no problem, they just pull out ice cream from the freezer and don’t apologize for not having a Martha Stewart dessert made. Everyone is thrilled to just be among friends, catching up on their lives.
Life seems at a slower pace than in Dallas. Seems weird to say that, but people here seem to have more of a desire to just sit and visit. It makes me more determined to acquire that lifestyle when we get back to Texas. Not worry that I might not have a fancy dessert baked, but to invest more of my time in people’s lives instead of worrying about what to serve.
Seems That no matter where we roam, there is always a lesson to be learned. I need to wake up to the reality that instead of dreamin’ of a more old fashioned social life, it is up to each of us to help make happen what we wish “could be.”

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