The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Since we have been on the road since feb 5th I have not cooked!  We have been exploring some of our most fav restaurants in each city that we land in!  Today my hubby surprised me and took me to Lubys Cafeteria where we partook of their great turkey and dressing.   I know it sounds like we are turning old, eatting turkey/dressing at a cafeteria but as soon as we finished there we headed over to Sonic for a cherry coke which makes is hip, not old!  We have 2 more fav joints in Dallas before we can honestly say that we have indulged in all of the places we complained about missing while living away the last 3 yrs!  Will update you when we get our bigger clothes bought which wil allow us to complete our restaurant mission. Tomorrow night my sister-in-law has told me to just “make myself at home” cooking whatever I want for dinner.   I personally feel that she is tired of her house smeeling like all the hamburger places we have been bringing home!  But until then I wanted to share something that I just read!

i read that refridgerating your chocolate chip cookie dough for 48 hours results in a much softer center cookie with the edges slightly crisp!  The lady blogged this says she even rolls her dough out and uses cookie cutters adding chocolate chips to the top of the cookie before baking! Will be trying these as soon as we get to Florida this next week.  Our son-in-law, Tim makes a great CC cookie tester! 

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