Safety Deposit Box Dreams

We are in Corpus Christi, TX visiting my mom and enjoying the different restaurants that I frequented until moving to Dallas back in 1995. One of those amazing places that I hit within 24 hours of arriving is Kiko’s Mexican food. They have truly the best enchiladas in the world and the best fried mushrooms with chile con queso EVER. We just left Kiko’s where mother enjoyed a plate of deep fried faitas. Seriously, if you are even in Corpus, you must go.
While there, I glanced over to a table that was facing us and saw a friend of mine that I had not seen in 20 years. It was so nice to see her and found out that she follows chocolatecastles. Trish, it was great to see you. This morning Randy and I went to close up mother’s safety deposit box at the bank. After hearing this week about a man winning 10 mil from a scratch off lotto ticket and another family finding gold coins buried in their back year, worth now, millions, I got excited thinking, “what if there are insurance policies or precious coins in the box worth millions?” On the way to the bank, I began to mentally plan the beautiful house where Randy and I would spend half of the year in Italy, while returning to New York City, where we would spend the other half of the year, looking out over Central Park. Oh, the possibilities of our future were just running rampant through my head, the baby blue Bently convertible that would be parked in front of our 5th Ave apartment, which would take me to my all day spa appointment. We arrive at the bank. My dreams were quickly shattered when upon opening the safety deposit box that my parents have had since 1979. The only items inside were a penny, a loose dime and a few papers which included a refund check for 9 cents from Woolworth’s and a little receipt showing that my parents had paid off their house back in 1966 for $3,065. That was it. Oh, a couple of $2 bills. $35.00 a year is what we have been paying to keep that box. But, because we didn’t know where the key was to it, I just couldn’t not pay it in case my parents had some hidden treasure that they were keeping as a surprise for their only child.
Oh how quickly my Italy plans went. We can’t even buy a Starbucks frappachino with the $2 bill, penny and dime.
Think I will go drown my sorry at Snoopy’s with a basket of friend shrimp tonight. Looking out over the water while munching on shrimp will help me forget Italy and the Bently. If not, there is a Baskin Robbins close by.
Surely chocolate peanut butter ice cream will help me get over the disappointment of not finding valuables in that precious little lock box that we have paid….let’s see, 35 years times $35/month equals $1,225 dollars. That would have almost bought one ticket to Italy. Half a dream so close.

One thought on “Safety Deposit Box Dreams

  1. oh Trudy, you are such a Cutie Pie… your stories….miss you lots…kiss Randy for us….God loves you for sure….xoxo…Twinkle


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