Baked Oatmeal

A friend of mine yesterday remarked how much she loved oatmeal for breakfast. During our conversation (yes, most of my conversations are centered around food) I ask her if she had ever had baked oatmeal and she replied that she had never heard of it. When we lived in California I had the blessing of … Continue reading

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

Since we have been on the road since feb 5th I have not cooked!  We have been exploring some of our most fav restaurants in each city that we land in!  Today my hubby surprised me and took me to Lubys Cafeteria where we partook of their great turkey and dressing.   I know it … Continue reading

Sizzling Cupcakes

Still in Arizona and when we get a minute to relax, after the 3 kids are given a half bottle each of Benydryl, (we just knew that they were going to get a runny nose so we were prepared, so we loaded up on it at CVS) and are sleeping ever so soundly, we turn … Continue reading

Brownie Tassies

Just made a batch of these to take to a meeting. They are perfect to just pick up with your fingers and pop them in your mouth. They resemble the brownie bites you buy at the store but these, of course, have the buttery flavor and a soft gooey middle. You can actually change the … Continue reading

Nutella Brownies

Can you think of any greater combination than Nutella and brownies? All last week in Chicago, everywhere we went to eat, they had crepes with bananas, Nutella and whipping cream. I did actually resist getting that for dessert. Actually I didn’t resist, Randy doesn’t like Nutella (can you believe that) and since I didn’t want … Continue reading