Cheese Stuffed Chicken Roll Ups

Having some test done last week, I had to fast from liquids and food. Why is it that during those times, every food magazine that I subscribe arrives during those fasting hours. Every recipe looks divine and you promise yourself that as soon as the test is over you will head to the kitchen and bake up some of the fancy foods that you drooled over a few hours before. I was so hungry that even the horrible bottles of white liquid that I had to drink , was beginning to appeal to me. It is bad when  you are so hungry that you can’t wait till it is time to drink the stuff you are required to drink. I found myself looking at the clock to see if it was time to start drinking. Well, the tests are over but all I could think about was a greasy hamburger and French fries. Never mind the delicious looking recipes that had looked so amazing just the night before. Give me grease and carbs….but, it is now a few days later and the new recipes that I found last week are beginning to conjure up great visions of family and friends sitting around the table just waiting for me to walk out of the kitchen with a dish that will make their mouths water. Here is the first of the many dishes that I cannot wait to try this season.


8 skinned and boned chicken breast halves

1 teas salt

1/2 teas pepper

4 cups chopped fresh spinach

1 medium onion, chopped

2 tables olive oil

1/2 (8 oz) package cream cheese, softened and cut in cubes  (in other words, 4 oz)

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1/2 cup (4 oz) crumbled feta cheese

1/2 cup (4 oz) shredded Cheddar cheese

1 egg yolk, lightly beaten

1 tables flour

1/2 teas nutmeg

1/2 teas cumin

16 frozen phyllo pastry sheets, thawed

Melted butter

Place chicken between 2 sheets of heavy duty plastic wrap and flatten to 1/8″ thickness, using a meat mallet or rolling pin. (I usually have this done at the meat market)

Sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper, set aside.

Saute spinach and onion in hot oil in a large skillet over medium heat 3-4 minutes or until onion is tender. Remove from heat and stir in cream cheese until blended. Stir in mozzarella cheese and next 6 ingredients.

Spoon 1/4 cup spinach mixture on center of each chicken breast half, and roll up, jellyroll fashion.

Unfold phyllo sheets on a lightly floured surface. Stack 2 phyllo sheets, brushing with melted butter between sheets. (keep remaining sheets covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out.)

Place 1 chicken roll on short side of phyllo stack; gently roll up, folding in long side. Repeat procedure with remaining pastry sheets, melted butter and chicken. Place rolls in a shallow pan and brush one more time with melted butter.

Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes or until done. Serve with a mushroom gravy or atop salad greens.

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