Thou Shall Not Steal…Or Chew Gum…Especially In Church

I really don’t understand how these things continue to happen to me. Today I am in Phoenix and went to church with the kids.  We sat on the 3rd row from the front and was excited to have the kids in the nursery and participating in worship. I sat between Jodi and a gentleman to my right.   When the sermon began the minister told us we would be reading Acts 6 and 7. I am one of those old fashioned members who are always fussing  all time about the “youngsters” who never carry their Bibles and just read from their phones, I didn’t want to admit that I had traveled without my Bible by just pulling out my IPhone and reading from my phone. I looked over to the back  of the seat to my right and immediately pulled out the Bible from the seat pocket and opened it up to Acts 7! The minister read the entire chapter, which was over 40 verses, when I began to notice that there were no other Bibles in the pew backs. Immediately, I realized that the Bible I was using must belong to the man sitting next to me. I didn’t know if I should close it up and put it back during the reading or offer to “share” it with the rightful owner, so I just kept reading as though I didn’t know it belonged to him. He was gentlemanly enough to never pick it up during the service so as not to embarrass me. When church was over, he picked his Bible and I apologized that I had used his Bible, thinking that it belonged to the church. He walked out with me telling me that when I didn’t have a Bible, I could use my iPhone, which he had seen lighting up in my purse, as there was a Bible app I could get. I guess he thought since I went around stealing Bibles, I must not be a regular church attendee. It was very embarrassing but not as embarrassing as the time that we were told to turn around and shake hands with the people sitting around us in church. As I was introducing myself to some visitors and sticking my hand out to shake their hand, my gum flew out of my mouth and landed right in the middle of the ladies open palm.   I never saw them visit our church again. It was a rather long time before se sat on that side of the church. Am giving thanks today that I won’t be back here for awhile.  By then, maybe the man will forget my face. I was just so glad we weren’t told to shake hands with others today. I had forgot to spit my gum out before going into church. 

3 thoughts on “Thou Shall Not Steal…Or Chew Gum…Especially In Church

    • Hi Christine, my whole life has been just one big embarrassing moment! Ha! Thanks for reading my blog. Give your mom a hug for me!!!

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10



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