Granma In A Minivan

Why do I forget all the things that happen to me when I visit these little darlings? You would think that even if my memory failed me that I would learn to write a diary of my visits. But I guess it is like childbirth. When I get home, all I remember is the sweet little voices that say, “can Nana sit by me?” or “I love Nana more than anything but an Ipad”.  But I seem to forget the moments that I need to go through basic training before trying to get in some of the predicaments that I seem to always get myself into. Today, we were headed to take two of the sweet darlings to Chick Fila..we get Noah strapped into his car seat, Caleb is now strapped in. Jodi turns on the ignition, gets the video’s playing to keep them quiet, (yes the benedryl has worn off from this morning already)  when all of a sudden, Caleb announces that he has to go to the bathroom. Jodi ask me if I wouldn’t mind taking him so she wouldn’t have to turn the car off. Being the great Nana that I am, I tell her of course, I would be happy to do that. Well, we are off and running. We had a couple of little side trips before going to eat. We went by Eric’s work to pick him up, causing me to once again crawl over two seats, a console and crushed cheese nips on the carpet. After dropping Eric off to his destination, we proceed. I decided that it was easier just to stay in the back than try to crawl over the seats again. Before pulling into Chick Fila, Caleb announces that he just can’t hold his pee pee any longer. Jodi shows him the  Chick Fila sign, signaling that we are just almost there. “Mom, would you mind going ahead and climbing up here so you can jump out to hurry Caleb into the bathroom, as that will be faster than me parking and trying to get Caleb in?” Does she not remember that I am old and the only positions I am suppose to be in are laying down or sitting in a lazy boy chair watching television?  But…of course I agree, so here I go, crawling over the two seats, when I fall bottom and shoulder first into the front seat with my legs up in the air. My feet have got tangled in the wires that connect the videos to the back of Noah and Calebs seats…She is now driving and trying to untangle my feet so my head doesn’t end up in the front floorboard. We are laughing so hard that we were the ones almost peeing in our pants. But she did it, I was not untangled and hurrying Caleb into the bathroom. Well, he was running and I was walking fast…my foot was still sore from Caleb running the grocery cart over it yesterday. We are back home, all safe and sound. I think I will start to videotape my incidents here just in case before the next trip, I forget that I need to bring lots of pain medication, and of course, Depends, for all those funny moments when we aren’t close to Chick Fila.


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