Frosty Goes to Steinmart

I can’t believe it! Today, after we had 12 people for breakfast, Mr. Peter Pumpkin said, and I quote, “do you want to make a quick trip to Steinmart?” Well, you don’t have to ask me twice….so off we go. What is he thinking? Doesn’t he know that to take me to Steinmart is dangerous? But, wanting to be the obedient, giving wife that I always am, I tell him that darn, I was wishing we could stay home and watch the USC game, but if he really wants to go to shopping, I will go along with him. We arrive and I look to see what new goodies they have brought in when “what should appear” but Christmas bedspreads!!!!I have been searching the web for one and had not been able to find one, well I did find one but it was $279. Knowing Frosty would melt if I even mentioned getting that one, I kept looking. Now, here it is in front of me, and only $49.00.

There are 3 patterns and their not flannel. So if you are looking for Christmas linens, Steinmart is the place to go. Just thought I would pass this info along. Their Christmas decorative pillows are absolutely gorgeous, $16-$19.  I’m still trying to figure out why he wanted to go to Steinmart. Oh, I just remembered, there at the bottom of our sack were two new shirts for him. 

So if your hubby is getting in the Christmas spirit already, be sure he has the address to Steinmart!

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