Post July 4th

Came home last night from Big Bear, where we consumed huge amounts of food.  Isn’t it amazing that as soon as you pull out of the driveway, you begin to look for something to munch. It’s just what makes taking a little car trip, “a car trip”. We had not gone a block when Randy held out his hand and ask what we had to munch on? Seriously? We aren’t even out of our neighborhood and he is wanting me to climb over the seat to grab the cookie bag out of our “snack bag” Thinking back to last month when I was climbing over the seat on the trip from Dallas to Phoenix, to hold a pee jar for the 3 yr old grandson, at least this time I was looking for cookies. By the time we had arrived, two hours later, my rear end had been up in the air more times than it was actually sitting. You would think that having a picture of what that must look like would encourage me to eat only lettuce and water, but that wasn’t the case. We arrived in Big Bear with an empty chocolate chip cookie bag, less two Dr Peppers, half of the almonds gone and my chocolate covered blueberries, well, let’s just say that my teeth were blue by the end of the trip up the mountain.The weekend was a time of great bonding with friends who we have been around quite a lot and a new couple that we are now, bonded not only because of Christ, but by our Saturday night Egyptian feast and playing cards till midnight. You get to know people when you sit around the table, hearing stories about how they met, married and the stories of different customs because of how all of us were raised.
One of us, I won’t mention her name, thought she would try to learn how to belly dance to make our Egyptian feast “authentic”. Trying to video her had me laughing so hard that the video is moving so much that you can’t really see her, plus my laughter covered up the background music. Reminding her that I now had something to blackmail her with, I was released from kitchen duty the last day. Randy and I agreed that we won’t even go near the scales until we have a chance to loose the pounds that we came home with. We began the trip down the mountain yesterday, after going to fill up on snack food for the long 2 hour trip. You never know when you might just get caught out in the wild and need all the junk we loaded up on last night. But, as soon as we got to the bottom of the mountain and fast food places began to appear, we looked at each other and planned where we would stop. Tomorrow…we will begin tomorrow. We just need this one last night to talk about the fireworks we saw, the laughter we enjoyed and the food and card games. Of course, it is always so much better to talk about these new memories over food. Tomorrow is today. We are going cold turkey. There are no cookies to be had in our house. no lamb kabobs or apple pie. We have great new memories of a very blessed July 4th, but both of us know that if my rear end is going to be in any kind of shape to be crawling over the seat by the next car trip to San Diego, I had better find a zumba class fast.
As we are so proud of ourselves for eating so healthy today, we will reward ourselves tomorrow with a frozen German chocolate pie, which I will post the recipe. Since this is my birthday week, I have already convinced myself that I should be able to treat myself. Will maybe begin the diet next week, no, that week, our kids are coming and I will need to cook all their favorites….well maybe August, oh shoot, I just remembered, we have company coming in from Texas and will need to take them to all of our favorite places to eat. OK, maybe I just need to blacken our car windows so no one will see me climbing over the seat for our car trip treats. That is much easier than trying to diet

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