Me…Addicted? July 4th Memories & Meds

This morning Jodi and I were talking on the phone about July 4th and the memories we have of taking Jaden and Sevy to a club that was by our house when we lived in Dallas. Each July 4th we would take the boys and ride on our golf cart to the hill overlooking a small lake. Around 9 p.m. the celebration would begin. It was such a grand time of watching the wonder in their eyes, as the sky lite up with red, white, blue, green and pink sparkles. Sevy would get a little scared and would lay down on Randy and cover his ears. Jaden would then come sit by me and we would sit and ooh and aah at each firework that lit up the sky. Truly this was one of my most favorite times of the year. It just gave such a sense of family and how blessed we are to sit together and watch such beautiful displays of color and sound. Those are the things that I miss so much, living so far away from them. As I was replaying the scenes this morning of our July 4th memories to Randy, he reminded me that as the boys got older, we would now be making new memories that, down the road, would mean as much to us then, as the memories of times past, mean to us now. He is very wise.
As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I began to smile as I remembered a July 4th, before grandkids, when we went to the hill country in Texas. Randy had to go for a meeting and knowing that all the wives would be there, I was exited to hear that we, would have a few extra days after his meeting when we would be able to stay at the resort and just relax. We were still newly married and I had not met many of his work colleagues. It was so important to me that I make a good impression with the wives, so they would all say, “didn’t Randy marry just the sweetest lady.”
When Randy was in one of the meetings, the wives were given a breakfast there at the hotel that the company had set up, so all the foo foo women were there. Because this was my first time to meet most of them, we talked about our husbands, their work, what we did when we weren’t playing “company wife”. The talk turned to the different generations and one of the women said that you could tell how old a woman was by the type of operation that she says that she has had. I just sat there, listening and one of the younger ladies said that she talked about having babies which told everyone she was in her 30’s. Another lady shared her experience of having her gall bladder out and that would tell us that she was probably in her 40’s. I continued to sit there, because the only time I had been in the hospital was having children. Another lady, I think she was the Chairmen of the Board’s wife, told us that she had just had a hysterectomy and began to share how painful it was. She was telling us that the pain pills that the Dr had prescribed for her didn’t do any good and she was still having some pain. It was at this point that I knew it was time for me to show my wisdom. I quickly interjected, in the sweetest little southern drawl, “why don’t you just ask the Dr to give you some Valium?” Every eye turned and looked at me, as if I had showed up not wearing my pearls and earrings. The COB’s wife calmly looked at me and said, “why honey, those things are so addictive, they just don’t prescribe them much anymore”. Wanting to show her that I knew what I was talking about, I stated, with such confidence, “oh they’re not addictive, I’ve been taking them for years.” There were quite a few coffee cups that fell onto the table at this point. Oh my gosh, what I had I just said? When I tried to go back and tell them what I meant, I just kept making it worse. What I was trying to tell them is that I took 2 every month during “that time” to keep me from really getting sick. But it was no use. The damage was done. At the dinner that night, I felt the eyes of the women watching me to see if my eyes were dilated or if I was slipping a pill into my tea.
By the next day, after I had confessed to Randy what I had done, he just laughed and said that it was good that I had given them something to talk about other than their operations. At the next company meeting, I made sure that anytime the topic of surgeries or pain medications came up, I would just walk away. After all, if I got to know them too well, they might want me to share the last Valium I have saved for the last 10 years. As the years go by, everyone tells me that my hip or knee replacements are probably just right around the corner. My 10 year old Valium might just come in handy.
So however you choose to spend the 4th, watching fireworks with grandkids, family and friends, or just relaxing and discussing all your medical issues, have a great and safe July 4th… me if you are in pain, I know just the thing that will help.

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