Randy’s Birthday

Today is a very special day in our home. Today is Randy’s birthday. He has requested pineapple cheeseburgers and German Chocolate cake, so I thought I would write about the cheeseburgers. When we first married and he shared with me that one of his favorite things to grill were pineapple cheeseburgers, so on the weekend he would be making them for me. Because we were in our first year of marriage, I smiled and said, “oh honey, that sounds great and I can’t wait to try them.” As soon as I could leave the room, I was already looking up directions to a local drive-thru (I had just moved to the Dallas area so was still having to learn my way around), so that after he fell asleep that night, I could go get a real hamburger as that sounded just awful. I couldn’t imagine the combination of pineapple, cheese and hamburger meat. Yuck, who had I married? I just couldn’t believe that I was going to have to actually eat this combination and how was I going to scrape it under the table while he was sitting at the table with me? Where was a dog when I needed it?
Well, I had planned my escape for barbeque night. I was going to slip a Tylenol PM in his diet coke and slip out to buy me a hamburger while he slept. Knowing I would be hungry because I just couldn’t stomach what he was going to be cooking after work.
Friday came and all day I just kept wondering how I was going to get rid of that awful creation of his, all the while making him think he was king of the grill. But being the resourceful wife that I was learning to be, I only bought enough meat for two hamburger patties. When he sets down my hamburger in front of me, I will somehow avert his attention to the television. Taking this opportunity, I was going to “accidently” drop the hamburger on the floor, after one bite. Well, all my planning and dreading biting into this creation of his came to a halt when I took one bite. It was amazing! I have been hooked every since. Thanks honey for introducing me to a hamburger that remains a hit in our home and our kids even request it when they come to visit. So in honor of Randy, here is the
recipe for Grilled Pineapple Cheeseburgers. Happy Birthday honey, you are still the love of my life
and I am so proud to be your wife….a cheeseburger and German Chocolate Cake will be our celebration tonight.
Recipe for Grilled Pineapple Cheeseburgers
Serves 6
Hamburger patties to feed 6
6 slices pineapple (we like the one in heavy syrup)
6 leaves of iceburg lettuce, rinsed and dry
6 slices American cheese
salad dressing or mayo (he uses Miracle Whip, I like Mayo)
Cook patties according to your liking. A little pink in center is great. Place a pineapple slice on top of patty and then a slice of cheese. Allow cheese to melt over pineapple slice. Remove to platter and spread dressing of your choice (mayo or Miracle Whip)onto bun. Place lettuce on bun and then cheesecovered patty. Enjoy…sometimes, we even grill the pineapple slice before placing on the meat. Add’s an extra bit of flavor…Happy Fourth and enjoy some fireworks.

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