Peanut Butter & Honey Pound Cake

Being at our daughters house the last two days, gives me the chance to do baking. With 3 grandchildren in the house (plus a son-in-law that has the baking pans and mixer out on the cabinet when we walk through the door), it is exciting to try new recipes that I have found the last … Continue reading

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

It’s Saturday, everyone is out running errands and busy with honey-do’s but I wanted to pass this quick little recipe on to you so all those “honey’s” would have something good to much on during their breaks. With so many people eating gluten free this recipe intrigued me. Taken from Southern Lady magazine, so you … Continue reading

White Chocolate Pineapple Mousse

When looking through all my recipes, I realized that I never post any recipe that is made  white chocolate. Yes, I do know that white chocolate is really not “real” chocolate, but, it still has a fabulous flavor, especially when mixed with whipping cream.   Taken from one of my Southern Lady magazines, 1 small … Continue reading

Nutella Brownies

Can you think of any greater combination than Nutella and brownies? All last week in Chicago, everywhere we went to eat, they had crepes with bananas, Nutella and whipping cream. I did actually resist getting that for dessert. Actually I didn’t resist, Randy doesn’t like Nutella (can you believe that) and since I didn’t want … Continue reading