Memory, Depression & Cholesterol

Today was a rude awakening for me. Just returning from the doctor office, I have some great suggestions, some new insights and some new thoughts. First of all, if you are under 40, just go read a different blog and don’t waste your time reading this.  While you are still “fit” and young and can … Continue reading

MotorSpeedway in Mesa

This morning was really our first “normal” day of being by ourselves since moving here last Thursday. Because we are now staying in a casita until we can get in our new place, we ventured out to go get a few things at the neighborhood Walmart. We have discovered that there are quite a few … Continue reading

Retirement & Insurance

As the weekend approaches and we are getting excited about going to California to visit, we have had a “to do” list that we are checking off little by little. One of the items was to get a RX refilled before leaving town, so today we went to pick it up. As I walked up … Continue reading

Retirement Isn’t For Sissies

Twenty years ago, I remember Randy and I talking about when he retired, all the wonderful things we would do. We would travel to far away lands. We would adventure out while at home, going to all the restaurants that we hadn’t had time to explore. We would have time to get up early and … Continue reading

Frosty’s Big Surprise

We have hit an all time low. Today after running errands, Frosty tells me he has a big surprise for me. Since it was around lunch time, I began to wonder if this was going to be the day he drove us down to Neiman’s for a special lunch ending with our favorite coconut cake … Continue reading

Taking Back My Kitchen

I remember it like it was yesterday, the day Randy retired. Sure it sounded like a great idea at the time. We had plans to take cooking classes together, drive in to Sonic every afternoon at 3 to get a buy one-get one free-cherry cola, watch movies until midnight, all cuddled up eating popcorn and … Continue reading

Retirement for Dummies

We have just completed our first week of Frosty’s retirement. All our friends have been asking him the last couple of years when he was going to retire. His answer was always the same, “I don’t know if I will ever retire” Every time we are leaving Walmart and the little old man at the … Continue reading