Mushroom Chicken With Asparagus

This evening I was wanting to make something that I had never made before. We ended up with this really great Italian dinner. Even Peter Pumpkin sat there saying, “this is really good and I even like the asparagus”. Will wonders never cease. He is not a huge fan of mushrooms or asparagus and so … Continue reading

#785 Way to Cook Chicken

They just keep coming. Just when you think that no one can invent another way to bake chicken, but here it is folks, a new recipe that really is a great recipe. Our daughter, Christi, who lives in Orlando texted this to me a few days ago. I went to the store, have bought the … Continue reading

Pesto Bread

We were up at Big Bear, the weekend before it became the focus of a manhunt for a cop killer which I’m sure you have heard about. One of the friends up there one night cooked meatball soup and pesto bread. It was wonderful. She made little meatballs and dropped them in a hug pot … Continue reading