Pesto Bread

We were up at Big Bear, the weekend before it became the focus of a manhunt for a cop killer which I’m sure you have heard about.

One of the friends up there one night cooked meatball soup and pesto bread. It was wonderful. She made little meatballs and dropped them in a hug pot filled with a tomato broth, with added chicken broth with a package of frozen Italian Mixed veggies. She then whipped up this amazing pesto bread. Very simple, but so good, I could have eaten 3 or 4 slices. She just took ordinary white bread and spread a good brand of pesto over each slice. Then just grated fresh parmesan cheese over this and broiled it until the cheese was melted and slightly browned. Wow, we all were just in heaven, the bread was so simple, but oh so delicious…Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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