Seasons of Change

As I sit here looking out the window and waiting for my sweet husband to come back from talking to the listing agent, my mind is swirling around thinking about so many things. Once again, we are boxing up dishes and linens. Christmas Decorations and out of season clothes are being sorted as we tape … Continue reading

Discoveries, Dislocated Shoulders & Dishes

Since the last blog, May 22nd, there have been quite a few lessons learned. We have discovered where the nearest Hospital in Mesa is located, we can eat for weeks out of paper plates and…Randy dislocating his shoulder with 2 fractures will not slow us down, ok, maybe a tiny bit, but he has learned … Continue reading

Camping Out In The City

We have been in our house for 12 days. If I remember correctly from all the Bible Studies I have done, I remember that the number 12 (in Hebrew) meant “complete”. But in Mesa, apparently it just means, 3 more nights until we are out of the air mattress And into a bed. After these … Continue reading

Dallas To Desert

Tonight is our last evening in Dallas, as we leave tomorrow for a new adventure of living in Arizona. We have been back in Dallas for 2 years since leaving California and will be residing in Mesa, which is close to our kids there in Gilbert. We feel it is only fair to spread our … Continue reading

Happy New Years!!!!

2014 is almost gone. So many memories, some good some not so good. I don’t like to use the word “bad” because some of the “bad” memories, in the end, allow new and exciting experiences that happen in our lives. This past year brought many changes in our household. Randy retired, we moved from California … Continue reading

Unpacking Follies

Moving should be an Olympic sport. We have been in our house now for a little over a week. We have had several close calls which would hinder us from ever  moving again.  We have been so busy unpacking boxes and hanging pictures that it just had not really dawned on me that this coming Sunday … Continue reading

The Moods of Moving

It has been over a week since posting, since we have been busy setting up the new house.. We have finally found a house and was able to move in last Thursday and Friday. Yes, I said, Thursday and Fri, as it took two 28 ft trailers to haul our precious treasures from California. This … Continue reading