Dallas To Desert

Tonight is our last evening in Dallas, as we leave tomorrow for a new adventure of living in Arizona. We have been back in Dallas for 2 years since leaving California and will be residing in Mesa, which is close to our kids there in Gilbert. We feel it is only fair to spread our “oldness” around to all of our kids and since we owe Jodi and Eric some real fun and what better fun than taking care of old folks? We really are doing it for them. We feel that any marriage that can withstand taking care of parents can withstand anything. So We thought we would do them a favor and move close to them to see just how strong their marriage is. Every time we do a favor for them, (Like Randy cleaning out Jodi’s van or organizing her garage (at her request, we really do not just go out there and start organizing their house, ok maybe I do a little bit, but really their dirty clothes hamper really didn’t look good in their closet and the table runner that she had on the table was a little too contempary so of course I got one that looks perfect now) anyway, back to favors. When we do little favors here and there, like put the dishes in the cabinets where they really should be, Randy tells Jodi “that is just another diaper you will have to Change on us in a few years.”” She gags and walks out of the room.
So we are trading our furs, diamonds, limos and tux for shorts, turquoise, flip-flops and a golf cart. OK, I admit we didn’t have diamonds, furs, limos or tux but we are trading being known as a Texas to try to fit in with a lifestyle which is a little more relaxed. The last time I flew in to Phoenix I felt that when I walked into the airport from the plane, it looked like a nursing home, as there were so many wheel chairs lined up waiting to be wheeled onto the arriving plane. I remember thinking that Phoenix must be the place to live if and when I ever got old. Well, I do not feel old, but because we feel that the longer we live here, the harder it would be to leave. We always said that we would never ask our kids to move to take care of us, so we feel the right thing to do is to move and begin our next season while we are in good health and not waiting until we “”have” to.
Our car is loaded, we have made our last trip to Weirs for our favorite popcorn for our trip the next two days. We have gained 10 lbs this past week having family dinners. In the morning, we will put on our comfortable clothes, flip flops and make our way across the desert to our new destination. We are grateful for the last two years for the healing which has taken place in our lives. We have learned things about each other which only comes sometimes in seasons of discomfort. Because neither Randy nor I were expecting his retirement, we struggled our first year, learning to live together 24/7. We did learn that we truly love each other and enjoy being together, no matter the season, no matter the place. We have been blessed beyond anything we ever expected. We are trusting the Lord for His guidance, His protection and His faithfulness.
If you are ever flying into Phoenix, look closely at the old folks sitting in wheel chairs waiting to get on the plane, you might see Randy and I. You will recognize me. I might be leaving Dallas, but I’m taking my Dallas big hair with me.

4 thoughts on “Dallas To Desert

  1. Love you Trudy!! So happy our paths crossed again, if even for a short time. I wish you and Randy many blessings!
    Will keep enjoying your sweet postings that remind me to not take life so seriously. XOXO


  2. My dear, Trudy, so glad we reconnected! What a BLESSING that short time in Panera’s was…but it’s been re-lived over and over in my mind!!!!! Phoenix is not on our radar, but , who knows????? You will hear from us if we ever touch-down there…probably sitting in one of those wheel chairs waiting just outside at “Arrivals”!!!! So much love to you and Randy!!! Let the ADVENTURE begin!!!!!!! ❤


    • Hi Jan, for some reason my comments were not shoeing up and I am just now seeing a bunch of them. It was so nice to see you. Please know if you are ever out here you had better call me. We would love to have you for dinner and we have plenty of room if you are here for a visit. Hugs sweet friend…


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