Pret A Manager (ready to eat) Mushrooms

I won’t even begin to try to pronounce the above written words. I know the recipe says that this recipe comes from London, but this little Southern girl will just call it “Stuffed Mushroom Bread”. The recipe really does sound so good and I am going to try it the next time we have company … Continue reading

Cornbread Stuffed Tomatoes

We picked up a few tomatoes yesterday that had the most delicious flavor. As much as I love Fall, I will miss the tomatoes that we have in the summer. This recipe is a great way to enjoy the last tomatoes of summer. 4 ripe tomatoes 2 cups crumbled cornbread 1/2 cup mayo 4-6 slices … Continue reading

Dips For The Day

Going through the Frisco magazine that came yesterday. ( I bet you think that my house is nothing by a pile of magazines, and you are almost correct. I do allow room for my baking pans and fridge to stock butter and cream cheese). A whole page of dips, which will come in handy if … Continue reading

Shrimp To The Rescue

We have been invited to a steak cookout next week where I was told to bring an appetizer. Since my blog is mostly about cooking, I felt it necessary that I should bring something more than a can of bean dip and a sack of Fritos. I googled “appitizers” and up popped a whole page … Continue reading

Bite Size Chiles Rellenos

As most of you know, Peter and I are Mexican food junkies. When I was reading this recipe to him last night, he informed me that I needed to make these for him ASAP! They do sound so good and can’t wait to try them. It is such fun to look through these old (SL … Continue reading

Cheese & Spinach Puffs

Taken from a Nov, 1987 SL magazine, this is a great appetizer to take to all those holiday parties. It is quick and easy. The flavor is really so good. Actually they are a great way to get little ones to eat “their spinach”. Popeye would love these. 1 (10 oz) package frozen chopped spinach, … Continue reading

Blue Cheese & Bacon Puffs

What a great appetizer for those holiday parties. This recipe makes 6 dz! You will have plenty to snack on while putting the finishing touches to your table, while waiting for guest to arrive, still having plenty for the party. Taken from a SL magazine, 2001. The dough is like the dough you make for … Continue reading

Pumpkin Fruit Dip

Peter Pumpkin and Penelope were in charge of treats at church today. Knowing that I wanted to take a tray of green/red sliced apples on a platter around a bowl of fruit dip, I went in search of a new dip. When I came across this one, I decided that it was the one that … Continue reading

Yes, Another Mushroom Recipe

I LOVE mushrooms. I don’t know if it is the flavor or the fact that you can eat a million of them without worrying about calories. Of course, depending on what you stuff them with or how you prepare the little angels, could quickly send you into Cholestrol Cardiac, but we won’t worry about that … Continue reading