Italian Nut Balls

We have settled here in Orlando for two months before heading to italy for hopefully 3 months! So in these two months we have time to not only bond with our Florida kids, but to go explore some of Florida’s great attractions. This week we have driven to Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach! We took an extra vitamin yesterday and walked around Downtown Disney! Tickets have been purchased for a lake tour and a day next week we will drive back to Daytona to experience the Daytona Race Track Tour!

When we visited Daytona on Tuesday we walked thru an antique mall where I found a basket of all kinds of little recipe booklets. You know the kind that is always right by the register when you check out! I love those little cookbooks and have a million of them! Well maybe not a million but enough to warrant their own shelf in the bookcase! So what did i do but buy 5 more. After getting back to the condo and leafing thru the cookie one, i found this little recipe for Italian Nut Balls! I started reading over the recipe when Guido ask me what i was reading. I told him I was reading a recipe that sounded just like what we are! Italian Nut Balls. Do not think we don’t know what some of you are saying! “What do they think they are doing, selling their home and traveling for 6-8 months? Don’t they realize they are old and need to stay close to a hospital or nursing home?” Yes, we can only imagine what friends must be thinking or saying! Lucky for them we are hard of hearing and can’t hear what they say!

So in the meantime, think I’ll bake these little gems and pack them in my suitcase to snack on while flying to Italy! Will help me remember why we are doing what we are doing……because we truly are Italian Nut Balls!!! taken from a Pillsbury Cookie Cookbook 1987

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