Miracle on High Street

Today marks 60 days until we leave for Italy for 3 months. On Dec 29th we began our adventure of being gypsies! We have traveled a little more than 3000 miles and have driven from sea to shining sea! We have experienced some awesome memories and have seen Gods Hand at work already in so many ways! To say that God shows up in unexpected ways is an-understatement! God continues to show us that He goes before us and behind us!

We are settled in downtown Orlando now for a couple months! I have to admit that it felt so good to unpack and know i wouldn’t have to repack for 2 months! It also felt good to go grocery shopping yesterday! For those of you who know me, you know that i am not one of those who “eat to exists”. The slogan ” i love to eat” was created for me! So se have had a ball traveling from California to Florida eating at places which have, in the past, made it to our “must return to this place” list or to new places which had been recommended to us!

When we stopped in Albuquerque for one night, we were blessed to stay at a B&B downtown! We had stayed there one other time. This was our first little “unexpected” blessing that God had provided! I had booked us in an Airbnb the week before but had put the wrong dates in so as we approached Albuquerque I texted the man who had leased his apartment to us for the night which he called immediately and told Randy that I had put in the wrong dates and he was full that night. So I had to quickly find a location for us to stay. I began looking at all the hotels and exuberant prices and finally Randy told me to check the bed-and-breakfast where we had stayed on a previous visit. I told him that it did not show up as being available for that night and he told me to just call them directly and see if maybe there was a chance they had a room. So I did. The lady answered on the second ring and I told her that we had stayed there before did she possibly have a room. She informed me that she only had one room left and the reason why it was not on the availability list was that when it didn’t rent by noon time she pulled it off because then she didn’t have a maid service but she did have the downstairs room which is what we needed anyway. When we got there the room is ready and we woke up to a magnificent gourmet breakfast. I went in the kitchen to tell Carly how wonderful the breakfast was and we were so thankful that we were able to stay there! she told me that she normally does not answer the phone after 5 o’clock but for some reason she was sitting there watching TV with her daughter and decided to pick up the phone. We knew God had provided this wonderful place for us! Also as we were eating breakfast I realized Randy was talking to a couple of the guests that were eating breakfast at our table! It amazed me because he’s the one that never wants to stay at a bed-and-breakfast as he does not enjoy visiting with total strangers! When I saw him talking and enjoying himself, i knew i was experiencing a miracle! If you are ever in Albequerque, remember this B&B on High St. You will be so glad you did!

It has been almost two months that we have been on this adventure! As we settled here on Tues night, we thought back over the last 6 weeks and realized that we have had precious times with the kids we dont get to spend time with as often as we wanted! It has been fun to cook in different kitchens at our kids houses and sit and visit with new friends as well!

So here we are Feb. 14th in a condo owned by a precious friend who is allowing us to stay here! God continues to be faithful to us in so many different ways. No matter the season, no matter the circumstance we see His great love shining down on us! Happy Valentines day to all….as we bask in the glory of His great love by the giving of His Son….Jesus who loved us so much to lay down His life for us!

2 thoughts on “Miracle on High Street

  1. Just beautiful the little surprises the Lord has for us sometimes . I miss knowing you are just around the bend Trudy but you are always close to my heart . Blessings on this Beautiful Valentines Day .


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