Only God

This week has been such an up and down emotionally roller coaster. Loving all the things about Christmas, the carols, the Christmas Eve services with family, the dinners that gathers us around the tables, allowing for laughter, retelling of memories and partaking of God’s abundant provision. Christmas is a glorious time of reminding us of what God truly did for mankind. We have been given the most amazing gift that anyone could receive. The gift of eternal life and a most abundant life here on earth.
Sitting there Christmas Eve with our kids, we were so blessed to have our 9 year old grandson say that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. What a great memory to have as we leave this place in a few days. To know that Caleb has made the most important decision of his life, and we were blessed to be there when he did.
As we are moving on to our next adventure of traveling for a few months before settling back in Texas, this past month has been, like I said, had it’s ups and downs of emotions. Everything we have done with friends or family has been great, but then we stop to realize that each of those things we were doing for the last time for awhile. That always brought some tears and tore at our hearts. But to have witnessed some of the things God has done these last couple of months has been such an amazing gift to know that God, in all His glory, still cares about the things that are important to us,no matter how small they may seem in the scheme of things.
Randy and I made a prayer list of things in October that we have been praying and asking the Lord for. One by one, we have been able to check the requests off that lists. Out of the 9, there is only one that remains, but it isn’t time to worry about that one anyway.
About a month ago, we decided to try to sell our living room furniture. We began to think that if we didn’t have these 3 big chairs and couch, we would be able to fit everything into one pod and not have to pay to store a second pod. Each week, I kept revising the price and details of the furniture on several web sites that specialize in selling preowned furniture. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No one ever showed up to look at it, much less buy it. Randy kept asking me where we would sit, should it sell before we were ready to leave on the 27th, but I kept saying that I didn’t think he needed to worry about that as no one had even come to look at it. When Jodi, our daughter, and I started talking about the furniture last week, we both talked about that if it didn’t sell before Christmas and the movers were coming the 27th (tomorrow) it would just go to Texas with us.
Also, I had just shared with several friends that the Lord had not revealed my word for 2019 to me yet. I had told them that I felt that maybe my word was “trust” but it had not been confirmed to me yet. At Christmas Eve service the pastor ended his sermon using the word “trust” several times and I began to think even more that God was showing me that that was going to be my word.
Well, today about 11 a.m. I was on the phone with Jodi when I told her that someone had just written to me asking if our furniture was still available. So I quickly responded to the lady that yes it was. I didn’t get excited because several had written in the last month, but then I never heard back, so figured that this was going to be the same. But then the lady wrote back to ask if she could come look at it. She showed up, and ended up paying for it, BUT…..she cannot pick it up until tomorrow. God worked it out that we still have it to sit on until the movers get here tomorrow. Only God…..He always goes far and above anything we can ever imagine. It is always exciting to see how He reveals the word He has for us and this year was no exception. He not only confirmed my word to be “trust” but took care of our needs in the process.
Only God….can make a way when there seems to be no way.
Only God….can arrange our lives in such a way that not only brings Him glory, but allows us to have a story to tell others.

Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. Only God! Thank you Lord for all the ways you have taken care of us and continue to show Your faithfulness. May we always trust in You, no matter the bends in the road, no matter the circumstances.

3 thoughts on “Only God

  1. What an awesome and faithful God we serve Trudy. I am so thankful for those Bible songs I learned in Sunday School over 50 years ago . Trust and Obey , Jesus loves me, the B-I-B-L-E yes that’s the book for me , etc etc . God is Good and His love endures forever , He is Faithful and True , and I’m so glad He allowed you to have your furniture up to your moving day . His perfect timing and yours too . Hugs. Mo


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