Waves of Wonder

We are officially “homeless” and on the road of a new season! A season of some adventure and wondering what the Lord has in store for us as we seek Him and His plan for our lives!

Leaving the comfort and familiarity of home is always a bit challenging especially when you dont know exactly where you will end up! Our friends/family seem to kid us about writing our home address in pencil which, if i think about all the times we have moved, seems like a great idea!

We love change and we love the challenge of learning and exploring new places! But as we get older and certain things become not quite so easy to acheive, we are grateful for all the things, experiencss and adventures that God allows us!

At this time, we are in Mexico with dear friends who we have spent so much time! We have had weekends in a cabin in Sequoia, stayed in their homes on our trips to California and weeks together in Mexico! They have visited us in Arizona but also endured family crisis with each other!

Trust me when. I say that sharing meals, bathrooms, certain medicines and sometimes even “readers” or shoes does tend to bond us!

This morning as I sat out and listened to the majesty of the roaring waves splash upon the rocks and then subside as they flowed upon the sand, i could not help but think of our lives as being like those beautiful waves! Each one so very different! Each one designed by our Creator! As i continued to watch, i thought about seasons of change and how each change brings different results. Just like waves, each season has a purpose. As one wave came crashing on the rocks I thought about some of the circumstances that made our lives come crashing in….the loss of a job, a medical report that was certainly not what we wanted to hear! A child having a drug problem! Then there are the waves that flow so easily and calmly upon the shore! That brought back memories of some seasons which were just that….easy and calm; when there seem to be little or no strife in our daily lives!

Before I left the balcony of our room, it gave me such a peace and comfort to know that the God who created these beautiful waves is also the God who created me and that just as He directs each wave as to how far it will go upon the shore, how much splash it will make, He is there to direct each and every day of my life! May i live my life in such a way that His goodness, His faithfulness will “splash” from me, no matter the shore that He takes us.

As His peace washes over me, may His glory be seen in me!

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