Rebuilding Our Home

Today I was searching through FaceBook to see if there were any good recipes when I came across this poem by Jodi Dupree. Yes, I am her mom and yes, I could not be more proud to be her mom, but when I read this, I cried. Jodi has a blog titled To Dance With You, which is a blog of poetry. But this poem, this poem, has a special meaning to anyone who has ever tried to build a home on anything but God. He is our Solid Rock and the foundation of any relationship that is built on anything else lacks the peace and fulfillment of what God intended to give us. As you read this blog, may your eyes be turned to the One who can give us that foundation. He is the perfect Carpenter….
Asa 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”

I saw gaping holes in the walls of my home.
Where wind and water came through
The wind would howl, the curtains blow,
Yet there was nothing I could do.
My hands were not skilled for this

The damages beyond my scope
If left to fix this on my own
I’d have no reason to hope
Still, I worked day and night

Patching where I could
Eliciting help from others
From anyone who would
But the storms kept coming

Faster than the repairs were made
Ready to give up
I called it a day
Then my Father showed up

Ah, yes, the Carpenter
He said, “move aside dear,
I’ll take it from here.”
His hands began working

With such skill and ease
I knew He was the expert
Of whom we had need.
He first revealed the patches
That were causing the harm

He saw the break in the foundation
And faulty wiring in our alarm.
Yes, this job was way too big for me

His expertise far surpassed my own
And here He was now helping us
and would not stop till He rebuilt our home.

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