Rebuilding Our Home

Today I was searching through FaceBook to see if there were any good recipes when I came across this poem by Jodi Dupree. Yes, I am her mom and yes, I could not be more proud to be her mom, but when I read this, I cried. Jodi has a blog titled To Dance With … Continue reading

All My Ex’s Live in Texas

When I think of the word “ex”, I think about something that I truly loved and knew I couldn’t live without all the time I had it. We just returned from a two week trip back to our grand state of Texas to visit family and  friends. While there, I also attended a Women’s Conference … Continue reading

A New Thought

“Give me a new idea, I said, While thinking on a sleepless bed; A new idea that’ll bring to earth A balm for souls of priceless worth; That will give men thoughts of things above, And teach them how to serve and love. That will banish every selfish thought, And rid men of the sins … Continue reading