Streams of Silence

imageAs i sit on the back porch overlooking the most beautiful waterfall with rocks and majestic sequoia trees, it was just the perfect picture of Gods provision to us when we desire to be in the middle of the stream, with a goal in mind!  As i opened up my devotion book it read, “the law of His God is in his heart, none of his steps shall slide” Psa 37:31.  Looking over the railing of our porch, there below were 2 fly fishermen walking the river trying to get above the waterfall! It dawned on me that in their desire to get above the fall, they had a choice to either walk over the slippery rocks in the water which is cold and moving very fast, or they could have climbed out and walked the ground above the water, both paths taking them to the same place…their desired destination! I began to think of my actions and the different paths that i take!!  Yes i sometimes tend to take the path that causes my feet to slide on “slippery rocks” when Gods Word promises me that “obedient-hearted men shall be sustained in every step he takes” (taken from Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith) “the Word of God has never misled a single soul: its plain directions to walk humbly, justly, lovingly, and in the fear of the Lord”.

It is my choice, to spend my days trying to live life without Gods wise council which would take me over slippery rocks without anything to hold onto or be obedient to His will and “walk along the great high road of His providence” * (cheque book of faith)

May I yield to His lead so that even in the days of unsure footing, I know that God will walk with me every step of the way

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