#CaliforniaDreamin Bullet Points

A couple of months ago I posted that I was going to write the blog each Tuesday in bullet points. Well, I did not do that. My only excuse is I’m old and forgetful. But for some reason today I remembered after several folks reminded me they liked the bullet points. So here we go again.

But first I have to tell you we are in California, absolutely loving our time here.

  1. So awesome that each time we come back here, our friends treat us just like we have never left and are still a part of their lives. (Maybe they don’t have a choice since we show up on their doorsteps with suitcase in hand)
  2. it is so much fun to return to visit our favorite restaurants here and find that they still are just as good as when we left 3 years ago. (Note to self,bring elastic waisted pants next trip)
  3. Love coming to California as a blonde and leaving with red hair! (and gray roots gone)
  4. Helping a sweet friend decorate her new home was such a blessing to me.
  5. Receiving a very special box from Donna, which held her husbands recipes, allowing me the privilege of keeping his memory alive, through recipes which Dave loved to make and eat.
  6. Such a wonderful treat to go back to our church we attended and worship with dear friends!
  7. Just sitting,, chatting, watching  TV and relaxing with special people who have become like family.
  8. Realizing that it is people which make the memories so special, and those special moments of sharing simple pleasures, with those who continue to bless our lives.
  9. Feeling grateful for our time we were able to live here in California and trusting God for what He has planned for us where He now has planted us.
  10. Excited to be heading up to Sequoia National Forest on Thursday with friends to enjoy the beauty and quiet of the mountains.

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