Princess On The Porch

It is so exciting to know that Jodi, our daughter, came by and worked on my blog so that ordering the book, Princess on the Porch, is now very easy. All you have to do is click on the name of my book (which is located on the side bar on the right of the home page) and it takes you straight to Amazon, where it is available on Kindle, as well as soft cover and hard cover.

The book is full of some of my favorite family stories which will bring smiles to your heart, as well as giving you some our of favorite family recipes.

It was such a blessing to include stories of our kids and humorous adventures of Randy and I.  Randy has ask me to tell you to not believe everything you read about him in the book (but trust me, you can). Enjoy and thanks for reading Princess on the Porch! It is now so easy to order!

Thanks Jodi for coming to my rescue, knowing that my computer skills are pretty limited!  Besides giving us 3 precious grandkids, you are one smart (and yes, very pretty) cookie!

2 thoughts on “Princess On The Porch

  1. Please believe me, if you haven’t ordered this book, do it as soon as possible. The book is filled with precious memories, Godly wisdom, great recipes and of course Trudy’s wonderful humor. I keep mine in the kitchen where it’s always handy for a delicious meal. Sometimes I read it just to laugh and remember good times with Trudy. “Princess” is great for presents for all occasions and I guarantee they will love it!!!!
    PS. This is not a paid advertisement. 😂😂😂


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