Poo Poo Chart

IMG_5285Last week, we returned from a visit to our kids in Dallas. What a great time we had as we celebrated two of our grandchildren’s birthdays. Sevy who is now 13 and Payton, who just turned 3. The trip was a success as we had lots of time this visit with our sweet families and actually made it to almost all of our favorite restaurants which we always want to visit before returning home where there is no Tex-Mex enchiladas ANYWHERE CLOSE TO US!. But upon arriving home, I told Randy that I had seen something in the bathroom at one of the kids homes that made me think of what I will do for him as he ages. Driving through the desert for 2 days after sitting in Abilene for 4 hours waiting for a new battery to be installed in our car, gave me a lot of time to think. As you drive down the highway in the heat, most people see imaginary water on the road in front of them. Not me, I see food. I imagine where I’m going to stop for the next meal. So while Randy sleeps and I drive, I not only think of different meals which we might have on the road, but what will I be writing about on the blog as soon as I get back. It was on one of these “thinking, driving while he sleeps” times that I came up with this great idea.

If you are like us, you probably remember always kidding about talking to your aging parents and when calling them to see how they are, they would sometimes tell you, “well, I’m good today. I had a good bowel movement, remembered to take all my meds and am just sitting down to watch the Wheel” . I have told Randy that I truly never care to hear about his bowel movements, no matter how old he is. So when I saw this chart on the bathroom wall, I instantly thought to myself, “this is great. Randy can just put a sticker on the chart any time he goes and that way I never have to hear about it. I like to think ahead. What if he began to loose his memory and forgot that he had told me that he had a good bowel movement and thus repeated himself 4-5 times a day. This way, he can just put a little sticker on the chart and we both can relax, knowing that nature has taken it’s course.  Really, if 3 year olds can have poo poo charts, why can’t 90 year olds?

Our kids are so blessed to have us as parents! We try to think of everything to help them be able to put up with us as we get to that wonderful age of having to share our daily activities…all of the activities!

You’re welcome!

2 thoughts on “Poo Poo Chart

  1. Payton gets a little toy anytime she fills up a line and gets a big toy when she fills up the whole chart. What will dad get?


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