Poo Poo Chart

Last week, we returned from a visit to our kids in Dallas. What a great time we had as we celebrated two of our grandchildren’s birthdays. Sevy who is now 13 and Payton, who just turned 3. The trip was a success as we had lots of time this visit with our sweet families and … Continue reading

Senior Struggles in So Carolina

Maybe it’s just us, but as we travel along our great Nations byways, we are learning more about ourselves. Most travelers seem to write about the great experiences they have at each destination. We, on the other hand, seem to experience things that just point out that we are not getting any younger. This morning, … Continue reading

Vacation Blues & Bloating

We just returned last night from a month of being in California and Arizona. What a wonderful time we had…but we are back to reality of grocery shopping, washing clothes and going through piles of mail. As we drove through Arizona and New Mexico, we had lots of time to reflect on this past year … Continue reading