Spiraled Zucchini

When we arrived in Texas on our trip back 2 weeks ago, my sister-in-law welcomed us there with a veggie meal, which I had requested. She makes the best veggies and after two days of Mexican food on the road, we were more than ready to see something green on our plates besides green chiles.

As we sat down to dinner, I saw that she had added a new dish to the ones I had requested. Spiraled Zucchini. Along with fried potatoes with onions, fried cabbage, a pot of beans, cornbread was this awesome dish of zucchini and cherry tomatoes. Not wanting to look like I hadn’t eaten in 3 days, I only requested the bowl to be passed twice, but as we were cleaning up, I ask her if I could just eat what was left in the bowl. It was that good. So here is my first healthy recipe for March.

Spiral 2-3 zucchini (everyone who is anyone, has a spiral cutter, right? I actually just got one from a friend who gave me her old one, since she bought a better much pricier one)

In a skillet, add about 1 tables of olive oil and heat. Add the zucchini and add salt and pepper to taste. Toss the squash around making sure it is coated in the oil. After about 3-4 min throw in about 1 cup of cherry tomatoes which you have cut in two. When veggies are tender (about 5 min) sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.  If I hadn’t eaten them up so quickly I should have taken a picture.

Thanks Janece for a great vegetable dinner only to be topped of by your not so healthy, but delicious homemade chocolate cream pie with whipped cream.  And you wonder why we always stay with you? Really?

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