Caution…Storage Trips May Lead to Divorce

Our marriage did survive that year, but am giving thanks that at least now we don’t have stairs to carry all the boxes up. And this year, we truly are going to “refine”” and reduce. Really…I mean it this time!

Chocolate Castles

I am not saying that when you and your husband or wife go to storage you will automatically get a divorce, but let’s just say that if your marriage isn’t real solid, you might want to stay away from getting Christmas decorations from storage units. Don’t make the trips together…trust me on this, your marriage will suffer.

We decided that since we have several Christmas events coming early, this was the only weekend that we had free to get all the decorations out of storage. We began our morning on a positive note. I even made my man eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast. We drove both cars so that hopefully we could get this dreaded chore over by noon, making only 2 trips instead of 4 or 5. We arrive at storage, riding up the elevator, Frosty keeps reminding me that this is the year we are going to…

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