Weekend Warriors

imageThis past weekend, I intended to cook all weekend but found myself being tied to a dog leash. Our daughter and son-in-law had us puppy sit from Fri afternoon to Sunday afternoon so they could take the kids to a resort. So while they were lounging around the pool, I was taking their dog out EVERY HOUR and trying to keep Myah (AKA Jezebel) and Oliver, who is our sweet precious little Morkie from killing each other. They are the same age, about 3 months. So we spent (when I say we, I mean ME) the entire time taking toys away from one dog to give to the other. Honestly, they were worse than two year olds. They didn’t want a toy unless the other one got it. I would give them bones and they only wanted the one that the other had. They ate each others food, they slept in each others beds. When they weren’t fighting over food, water or toys, they tore at each other with such determination that I feared that one of them would end up at the Vets after loosing an ear.  Randy kept telling me that they were just playing but because I’m an only child, I couldn’t imagine that biting and growling were just “playing”.  I felt like I had kept 4 grandkids for a week, by the time Sunday afternoon arrived. When I wasn’t breaking up doggie fights, I kept telling myself that as soon as things settled down I was going to bake. That never happened. Note to self: do not, under any circumstances, keep two puppies who are not yet potty trained. I was exhausted. They woke me up at 4:30 Saturday morning, but  were so sweet to let me sleep in until 5 Sunday morning.

Both Randy and I discovered that if ever we even thought about getting a second dog, all we had to do was remember this past weekend and that “desire to get a puppy to keep Oliver company” would immediately disappear.

I told Randy, just like with little babies, we could just ride around in the car with one dog in my lap and one in his to get some rest, but he said “no” we should be able to be more in control, they are only dogs, we just needed to show them who was boss. I guess they were, as I did anything they wanted just to be able to sit for a few minutes. That was so easy for him to say as he wasn’t the one picking up the poop, being woke up early and playing with them trying to keep them from fighting and growling so they wouldn’t wake up Randy or Jaden. Oh, I forgot, we also were keeping our 14 year old.  At least he is potty trained and can fix a bowl of soup. We even considered checking in to Doggie Day Care on Saturday, but we didn’t have proof of Myahs shots so that idea went out the window. It brought back so many memories of being able to drop off my 3rd child to Mothers Day Out on Tues and Thurs for a few hours. I would just get back in the car and sit, trying to decide what I wanted to do with all the precious hours of having no children with me. But truth be told, I ended up going home and taking a nap. It was just like that this past weekend. When I finally got both dogs to nap at the same time, I slept right along with them. Randy kept telling me all weekend, “that is why it is good for old folks to get a dog, because it keeps them active, having to take them outside and for walks and picking up after them so you don’t trip on the toys that are all over the house.  Blah Blah Blah, easy for Mr. Being Able to Sleep in until 7 a.m. Each Morning On The Weekend to say. Do not get me wrong, I have fallen in love with Oliver. He was suppose to be Randy’s dog, but because Randy still has use of only one arm, he is unable to pick him up or carry him anywhere so guess who Oliver bonded to….yep…the person who really isn’t a pet person. But just like being able to teach old dog new tricks, I guess this old person is learning the new trick of falling in love with their new family member.



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