Petsmart Prince

Last week we were so excited about going to California to visit friends and spend NYE celebrating with folks who are so special to us. Before we left, we began to think about what we would do with Oliver. If you remember reading when we first got him, you will know that I have never … Continue reading

Dog Art

Oliver has taken over our lives. We tip toe around when he is sleeping, just like I did when I had babies (well, real human babies) as to not wake him up. We know the minute he wakes up we are expected to play “fetch” or he follows so closely behind us or beside us … Continue reading


We have been in Arizona since the end of April and in our house since May 11th. We knew from the get-go(I have been dying to use that term since I heard it a few days ago), that there would be several things that we would need to change about us that would help us … Continue reading

Weekend Warriors

This past weekend, I intended to cook all weekend but found myself being tied to a dog leash. Our daughter and son-in-law had us puppy sit from Fri afternoon to Sunday afternoon so they could take the kids to a resort. So while they were lounging around the pool, I was taking their dog out … Continue reading