So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

This appeared on my FaceBook memories and as I reread it, it occurred to me that some of these same questions which were in my mind 2 years ago, were once again questions as we move once again to a new place. Another adventure and once again, having learned new things about ourselves, we pray that the things we have learned here will be useful to us as we move to new surroundings as God once again “enlarges our territory”. Our prayer is that we leave having fulfilled our purpose in being sent here 2 years ago and willing to be used in however the Lord desires to use us in the new place!

Chocolate Castles

As we are fastly approaching moving day, Wednesday, there are just so many thoughts going through my mind. One thought is, “I DON”T WANT TO GO” and another is “HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU PACK FOR TWO TO THREE MONTHS WHEN I CAN’T GET TO CLOTHES BECAUSE THEY WILL BE IN STORAGE SOMEPLACE”…where will we go for this new adventure? Will we travel to places which hold special memories or search out new adventures in places that we have always wanted to find..where will we be living around Dallas?… where will we be going to church? Will I be living in a house or a condo? Will we be able to just fall back into the life we left 3 years ago? Will we really spend the time with family that we intend?
Only time will reveal the answers to the questions. We have been up to Big Bear…

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