A Blonde Moment

This post is being done out of duress. When Randy and I were grocery shopping today the sweet little lady checking us out began putting one item in each bag. With each item being put into a bag before swirling the little bag holder around to put another item in another bag, I became more and more frustrated. Why don’t they teach the checkers to fill the bags? Before you fuss at me for not having my own bags that should be always in the trunk of our car so we don’t need to even had plastic bags, we do have an excuse this time. Our trunk was full of boxes which we were taking to Goodwill. On most trips to the store, we have been remembering to take our own bags.

But today, we were at the mercy of the grocery store. As I picked up the bags and would try to fill them before the checker would start with another bag, I just kept thinking about all the waste. But we checked out and began walking out to the car with all of our groceries, I told Randy, “it just makes me so mad that they use so many bags. Imagine how many trees must have been cut down to make all these bags.” He just looked at me and stopped loading the car. He shook his head and said, “well, I really don’t think that too many trees were cut down to make these plastic bags, so you don’t need to worry. Unless there are plastic bag trees.” When I realized what I had just said, we started laughing and I told him that he couldn’t tell anyone what I had just said. His response, “after all the things you blog about me, you can be sure that if you don’t post your blonde moment, I will start my own blog tonight and write about you.” So I really didn’t have a choice but to admit defeat and post my blonde moment. Now I just need to go back and buy a blonde kit so I have an excuse for saying that.

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