Designer Underwear

We are in Phoenix visiting our kids…last night we spent the night in Las Cruces,NM.
After Randy took his shower,he walks out of the bathroom (now this is a picture you want etched in your mind forever)and holding up a pair of clean underwear,proceeds to say,”what happened to my new underwear?” As I sat there looking and laughing at gray undies with huge bleach spots all over them, I remembered that I was going to put that pair way back of his drawer, but got so involved with packing, guess I folded them and stuck them in the suitcase. Because I am so used to throwing all of his underwear in with the bleach water, I had forgotten that he had bought new colored underwear and still threw them in the water with bleach. Still laughing, i told him that if tie-dyed clothes come back in style he will be totally in fashion;plus he has a pair of “one of a kind” underwear and should be so thankful that at least I still do wash his clothes. So many of the wives today insist that their hubbies do their own laundry. So that shut him up real quick. I am hoping that if I ruin too many of his clothes in the wash, he will volunteer to do all of the laundry. Ladies, remember there are other ways,besides nagging,to get men to help around the house. You just need a big ole gallon of bleach and turn the dryer setting to “hot”!..forgot to mention that his new designer undies wouldn’t even fit a 10 yr old now. Who says you can’t get a man to do a women’s job?

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