Buffalo Wing Pork Chops

A couple of nights ago our son-in-law made dinner for us. Randy and I walked in Tues night to the best aroma coming from the kids kitchen. We walked over to the stove and saw great looking pork chops. Eric told us that he had found the recipe on a blog that listed 15 simple dinners and had made it once before and fell in love with it. He immediately went out and bought some buffalo sauce and pork chops. We sat down to a great looking dinner. Salad, mac and cheese and these amazing pork chops. Recipe is truly so simple, but the result was the juiciest great tasting pork chops that we have had. Thanks Eric for a great meal!

4 (1/2″) pork chops

1/2 cup buffalo wing sauce

4 slices of mozzarella cheese


Salt, Pepper & Garlic powder to taste

Heat an iron skillet until warm. Melt about 4 tables butter in skillet. Season both sides of chops with garlic, salt & pepper. Saute chops on each side for about 3 to 4 minutes, each side. Drizzle some of the buffalo sauce on each chop as you are searing them on each side. Place lid on skillet and cook until chops are cooked throughout.

Place chops in a baking dish and place a cheese slice on each chop. Place in preheated oven to “broil” and broil until cheese is bubbling. Drizzle more of the buffalo sauce over the chops and serve immediately.

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