Chocolate Yumminess….Miles of Chocolate

I just posted a almost flourless cake and wanted to share something that will save you time and energy. Because sometimes there is nothing that will do except chocolate, but we are either not in the mood to bake or simply don’t like to bake, here is a great little secret.
At Whole Foods there is a little gem of a chocolate dessert called Miles of Chocolate. It is gluten free and probably one of the most delectable chocolate desserts I have ever had. I have written about it before, so this is just a little reminder. It is in the bakery part of Whole Foods and you might have to ask the bakery attendant to show you where it is located. It is in the cold prepared bakery items part and is individually wrapped like a brownie. But trust me on this. It is so much better than a brownie. It is part brownie and part chocolate truffle. They are a little pricey but oh so worth it. You could buy as many as needed for each guest you are having. Serve them either straight out of the fridge or room temp on a plate with a raspberry or strawberry sauce, topped with whipped cream and your guest will think you have been in the kitchen for days. Trust me on this one. These little Miles of Chocolate are the best thing since disposable diapers. I read that they have them at Central Market also, but have not been there to see. We have bought ours at Whole Foods each time. Let me know what you think of them. If you are curious about them, just google Miles of Chocolate and see all the comments written about them. They truly are a little slice of heaven and the best chocolate dessert around. The man who introduced these to the world use to sit by me in high school, but I don’t think we ever talked. Darn, I should have paid more attention to the people sitting by me instead of what outfit I was going to wear the next day.

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