A Senior Diet

2015-02-04 16.38.19
Today Randy and I went grocery shopping. On the way to the store I had told him that we really needed to start eating more veggie meals and that we needed to try to eat a little more healthy so I can get into the pants this spring that I bought the last couple of years. I did NOT want to have to buy all new pants just to sit in our lazy boy chairs while watching the Food Network. He agreed and said he would help by adjusting his snack foods and told me to just buy veggies that would help us lower our cholesterol. We both figure that if we eat enough of these great green veggies, we can still have melted butter poured over them. Surely there are enough vitamins in the giant leafy greens to offset any (if any) bad fats in the butter. So we head over to the fresh veggie aisle. He tells me to go ahead and pick out some great healthy rich-in-vitamin foods, while he was going over to pick out a few healthy snacks for himself. We met at the check out counter where he handed me his “healthy” snacks. He got pretty defensive when I gave him the evil eye. He quickly alerted me to the fact that at least he got the $1 package of little donuts instead of the sack he usually gets…so what was the problem?
We checked out and headed to the car as we talked about our new way of eating. Because I knew that we would be cooking all of our new healthy foods when we got home, I thought it best to go ahead and eat the chocolate that Randy had picked out for me as a special treat. Like they say, why drag a bad thing out. So the chocolate is gone and the pot of turnip greens are on. Randy has the coffee brewing to drink along with the mini package of his favorite “little white donuts.”
Maybe next trip to the grocery store we will stay off the donut aisle and just head directly to the butter aisle; just to put on our healthy veggies, of course.

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