Happy Valentines Day

Randy gave me the best present ever!!! Today has been just a perfect day so far. It began when he presented me with a gift certificate for a facial and massage and then took me to In & Out. Then…here comes the best part, he let me rearrange the furniture, bringing down our chairs from in our bedroom and taking the chairs that we have been glued to this past year, upstairs. In case you don’t know me well, one of my favorite things is to rearrange furniture and I am married to a guy that when he sees “THAT LOOK” in my eye, he knows just to go ahead and give in because he knows that until I rearrange what I am thinking about, there will be no sleep for the weary. I just cannot turn it off; I will keep going over and over in my mind, how I want it to look, what I think it will look like and what I will do if it doesn’t turn out like I thought. So…he just goes ahead when he sees the look and goes out to the garage for our sliders and pours a glass of tea and says, “we might as well get started” so we will be finished and you will be able to sleep.”
We just finished. Of course, rearranging means having to change the pictures on the wall and all the little knick knacks, but that makes me dust, which also makes us vacuum, which now means I have a clean house to wake up to in the morning. I just remembered that I am leaving town next week and Randy will be the only one here to enjoy the clean house. But, maybe that can be one of his Valentines presents. Ouch! I got a massage and facial and he gets a clean house, (after moving chairs, couches, lamps, pictures). Poor guy. But at least when he is sitting here next week wondering why I didn’t make some frozen meals for him, he will look around and at least be glad he is getting to watch TV from the new lazy boy chair (which we hauled downstairs, knocking a few paint chips off the wall going down the stairs) in a clean house. Am I a good wife or what? I’m so glad I made chocolate cake for tonight. Maybe that will get me out of the dog house.2015-02-14 11.31.40
Actually I baked the cake for a party we are going to tonight, with a few favorite sayings of the birthday person, but I will be sure Randy gets a slice. Happy Valentines Day from Valentino and TKBakesalot

One thought on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. I just love your e-mails!! They make me feel like I am right there with you!! That Valentine cake not only looks beautiful but “scrumptious” as well!! Moving furniture —- UGH!!!! You have to keep in mind that you have only 1 back! I found out by doing just what you and Randy were doing!! Owwwwwww!!!

    All is well here. Ed has bought a house and will be moving soon. There was a “horrible” smell in his unit caused by some plumbing “glue”. He called the owner who was not nice about it at all and told him to go to a hotel!!! Hmmmmmm – not nice at all!! While on Ed, he came over for a bit and was telling me one of the reasons he broke up with her was she was involved in health care and was not careful about keeping herself free of germs (not washing her hands etc.). He has a thing about that!!! I hope when he is gone that we get someone like you and Randy!!!

    The rest of Virginia Manor is peaceful!!!

    XXXOOO Nancy

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